Anti-condensation isolation

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Palziv produced Cross Linked Closed Cells Polyethylene foam widely used insulation material in all over the world. Palziv insulating materials meet the high technical requirements.

Cross Linked Polyethylene foam – perfect for pipes or ducts anti-condensation, sound and heat insulation.


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  • Palziv anti-condensation insulation suitable for using in unheated rooms and outside.
  • Easy to install – the insulation is light, flexible – will fit any shape or diameter pipes.
  • Closed Cells structure ensures a low water absorption – so the insulation remains effective for many years.
  • Cross Linked Polyethylene foam resistant to many chemicals.
  • A wide working temperature range (-60 – 900C)
  • Cross Linked Polyethylene foam GalFoam insulation thermal resistance (temperature 100C) is 0.039 W / mK (ASTM C177).
  • 10 mm GalFoam impact sound insulation ΔLw – 36 dB
  • Durable and long leasing.

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Installation works must be done in 2-350C temperature range.

Pipe insulation is most convenient to use self-adhesive polyethylene foam insulation.

It is important to ensure that the insulated surface is clean, it is clear of dust or other dirt.

Polyethylene foam insulation suitable for any size or diameter pipes or ducts. Insulation sheets must be cut of according to the dimensions of the pipe, wrapped around with adhesive side stick down to pipe.

Gluing the insulation, it is important to make sure that it would stick the entire surface evenly and would not stay air bubbles.

Polyethylene foam insulation installation field, it is necessary to protect it from direct sunlight.

Foam polyethylene insulation connecting joint had to be glued with special insulation tape .


GalFoam GA25 Data Sheet

GalFoam GA29 Data Sheet 

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