Roofing fillers

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Cross Linked polyethylene foam roofing fillers manufactured by individual roof profiles. Roofing fillers protects the roof from the cold, the sound caused by wind, dirt and various pests.

Moisture-resistant roofs fillers – long leasing and effective thermal insulation. It could be installed in various roof coverings.


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  • Easy to install.
  • Long leasing, durable insulation, not changing its properties for many years.
  • Does not absorb humidity, non-molding.
  • Additional thermal insulation. Cross Linked polyethylene foam GalFoam insulation thermal resistance (temperature 100C) is 0.039 W / mK (ASTM C177).
  • A flexible and resilient, but at the same time very hard.
  • Resistant to many chemicals.
  • Non-toxic.

GalFoam GA29 Data Sheet

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