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Cross Linked polyethylene foam GalFoam – is an effective insulating material with unique physical, mechanical, thermal, acoustic, hydraulic and vapor barrier properties set.

Polyethylene foam GalFoam insulation does not absorb moisture, so its lifetime does not lose its mechanical and acoustic properties. Polyethylene foam – excellent thermal and hydro insulation choice.


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Cross Linked polyethylene foam GalFoam with aluminum GalFoamAL ensure continuous thermal and mechanical characteristics. Polyethylene foam and aluminum combination ensures high vapor barrier and heat reflective indicators.

Clossed Cells structure and the aluminum layer protects the roof from dust, mold formation, and various pests.

GalFoamAL with aluminum foil reflects 97% of thermal radiation, substantially reducing heat loss.


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In order to protect the roof from the outer solar rays GalFoamA aluminum film is placed facing the roof side.

In order to deter and to reflect heat into the room, the aluminum film is placed facing the side of the room.

When installing GalFoamAL leaves, each leave should be overlapped and laminated with heating gun.

When installing GalFoamAL aluminum side inwards insulating material attached with staples or nails. In order to ensure the high quality of the insulation, seam sealed with a special insulation tape.


GalFoam GA25 Data Sheet

GalFoam GA29 techninė specifikacija

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