PROtection floor covering


In addition to the floor mat or floor mat PROtection should not pass any one workout in the gym or club. This is the best choice in rooms where intensive use of simulators. Flooring or floor mat PROtection designed to protect floors from mechanical damage, scratches or depressions caused by the intensive use of equipment or other gym equipment tools.

In addition, such a floor PROtection can be used at home, it not only protects the floor but also isolate the vibrations emitted by the simulator and sound, so the neighbors will not have to listen to every sound of your simulator.

The most appreciated feature of the floor mat PROtection – versatility. This is the principle of the puzzle made of polyethylene foam coating that with the desired amount of detail can be both compact and extremely spacious.

Floor covering PROtection designed to build under cardio equipment or across the gym. The coating protects the floor from scratches or pitting. PROtection flooring excellent sound and vibration insulation. PROtection cover is the best for the fitness center, group and individual training halls. This coating is soft enough on it you can do the exercises, kneel, lie down without any additional rugs – it is hygienic, does not absorb any moisture.Protection floor does not absorb any water – does not accumulate bacteria, easy to clean with a wet cloth, durable. Made from ultra high-quality 100% Chemically Cross Linked polyethylene foam.

Floor covering PROtection of the highest quality:

  • Polyethylene foam flooring – a natural product
  • It has antibacterial properties
  • Easy to assemble, moderate and clean
  • Suitable for use indoor
  • Non-slip and durable
Density70 kg/m3


PROtection (1 puzzle)490x490x10mm170 g.
PROtection Mini (4 puzzles with frame)980x980x10mm670 g.
PROtection Midi (6 puzzles with frame)1470x980x10mm1000 g.
PROtection Maxi (8 puzzles with frame)1960x980x10mm1220 g.