Pilates roller LunaPro “Blue Lagoon”

With this Pilates roller workout will be painless and pleasant. Using not specially designed roller causes pain and makes it difficult exercise performance. Meanwhile Pilates roller LunaPro Blue Lagoon ensure your quality of training.

With this roller to properly distribute the load points, facilitate the work of the spine and create a proper balance in the lower part of the body. Working with high-quality polyethylene foam roller LunaPro Blue Lagoon, increased body endurance and strengthen muscles. After a workout will feel more positive than before.

Luna Pro Pilates roller ideal for Pilates and gymnastic exercises to perform. Roll helps to improved spinal flexibility, lower body balance, increased stamina. Impermeable to moisture – do not accumulate bacteria, easy to clean and durable. Made from ultra high-quality 100% chemically Cross Linked polyethylene foam.

Pilates roller LunaPro Blue Lagoon is prized for its quality:

  • Soft and easy to use at home or in the gym
  • A roller made of natural polyethylene foam
  • Antibacterial, a nice touch
  • Mild, easy to carry
Length90 cm
Diameter15 cm
Density45 kg/m3