Yoga bricks LunaPro “Blue Lagoon”

High-quality polyethylene foam yoga bricks LunaPro “Blue Lagoon” will make your workout comfortable and will perform the exercises properly. The most common yoga bricks are used for sitting, stretching, meditation and various physical exercises. Yoga bricks LunaPro “Blue Lagoon” – a great choice in order to properly distribute the load and perform the exercises properly.

These high-quality bricks are a great help both indoor and outdoor training. The bricks are made of natural materials for easy use, the surface is non-slip, so the bricks comfortable to hold. Bricks can be considered stacked on top of each other, they do not alter the shape and long retains its functionality.

Yoga bricks LunaPro “Blue Lagoon” high-quality features:

  • Long leasing product made from natural materials
  • It has anti-allergic properties
  • Easy maintained and cleaned
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Durable

Pack 2 pieces.

Density45 kg/m3
Dimesions225x130x75 mm