Grand-Foam blocks

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Cross Linked polyethylene foam can provide active and exciting toys to help children expend energy productively. Foam blocks or bricks of lightweight foam can give children the opportunity to build forts and towers, without the weight or hard edges of traditional building block materials. Grand Foam blocks are made of colorful, light weight Closed Cells polyethylene foam.

Grand Foam blocks specially loved by children. Imagination, colors, forms are educated by playing brings a lot of fun and joy.

Copolymer EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) added to Cross Linked polyethylene foam creates pleasant, elastic feeling to the Grand Foam blocks. Toys are strong, durable, long leasing and high quality.

Blocks are available in wild variety of colors, shapes and dimensions.

We do supply final products and row materials ready to use for manufacturing toys blocks. Palziv Baltic cooperates with foam converters, whole sellers and retailers.




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