Acoustic, sound insulation

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GalFoam is an effective insulating material with unique physical, mechanical, thermal, acoustic, hydraulic and vapor barrier properties set.

Palziv produced Cross Linked Closed Cells polyethylene foam GalFoam widely used as an acoustic sound, vibration damping insulation.

Closed Cells polyethylene foam GalFoam does not absorb water (water absorption (max) 1%), because of that insulating properties remain constant over the lifetime of the substance. GalFoam do not accumulate dirt, bacteria do not multiply and prevent spreading of mold. This is particularly hygienic material.

Cross Linked polyethylene foam GalFoam particularly durable and long-lasting insulation material. It can be used at high mechanical loads. GalFoam keeps high working temperatures (from -600C to +900C).

GalFoam sound insulation can be used in walls, floors, pipes insulated. GalFoam effective impact sound insulation:


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Palziv material are safe, complies with the requirements of Rohs, do not contain hazardous chemicals such as lead, chromium, cadmium, mercury and others.

GalFoam GA25 Data Sheet

GalFoam GA29 Data Sheet


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