Palziv specializes in the development and production of cross-linked, closed-cell polyethylene foams for use in
packaging and insulation. Cross Linked polyethylene foam is widely used in protective packaging applications because they possess a number of superior attributes.


• Closed cells polyethylene foam performs chemical resistance and low moisture absorption.
• Packaging is long leasing, multi used and will return to their original shapes with no reduction in protective performance.
• Ideally suited as the packaging material for products requiring a shock absorbing, vibration dampening and insulation

Polyethylene foams are easily fabricated and can be worked by a variety of methods including sawing, laminating, die cutting, water jet cutting and welding.

For packaging applications effective to use GalFoam rolls or PalFoam blocks tailor made for over wide range of products weight, product size and fragility.

We are offering packaging solutions for all complex packaging applications including standard, fire retardant, conductive, or anti-static Cross Linked polyethylene foam.

We do supply tailored made packages and row materials ready to use for manufacturing packaging. Polyethylene foam can be supplied in rolls and blocks adjusted in to your required dimensions. Palziv Baltic cooperates with foam converters, whole sellers and retailers.