Chemically Cross Linked polyethylene foam is available in wild spectrum of colours and many different densities. It comes by the blocks – PalFoam or rolls – GalFoam. Blocks and Rolls can be cut in to required dimensions.
Can be thermoformed, vacuum formed, milled (CNC), laminated, glued, die-cut, split, butt welded and can be combined with other foams, films, polymers and textiles by lamination.
In particular, none of the colour masterbatches used at Palziv contain Lead, Chromium, Cadmium, Mercury, PBB, PBDE or Hexavalent Chromium.


• ECO – friendly material. Rohs approved
• Strong chemical resistance
• High performance with competitive price
• Thermal insulation
• Anti-Aging
• A wide spectrum of densities and colours
• Uniform closed-cell structure appearance
• High resistance to wear and tear
• Temperature resistance between -60°C and +90°C
• Easy processing and conversion
• Closed cell foam does not absorb water.

Palziv Baltic cooperates with foam converters, whole sellers and retailers.